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Nuclearsoft Mobile Automatic Office System V3.2

Integrated simple web ERP system, Online Shop, advanced powerful software ERP system together!

By using our online shop with our Nuclearsoft ERP system, customers are no need to re-enter orders which is reducing labor cost and errors in company.

1. Auto-send Invoice by receiving customer order
2. Auto-check goods quantity in warehouse/s to generate 'Production Job Sheet' or 'Purchase order'
3. Confirm goods received by click on the delivery note email, and the system will send final invoice automatically

Nuclearsoft Mobile ERP System


Mobile Inventory Version

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Sales and Purchase System :
Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice
Purchase Order, Payment order

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Simple and easy use interface!

Delicate design for mobile device, all functions are integrated in a single page.

For each order :
1. Change customer information in order.
2. Change product information in order.
3. Select customer and product to order.
4. Change order information in order.

* Support Photo for each item
* Support Air-print and Andriod-print
* Support send email to customer / vendor

New Releases:
Date: 2016/10/25
1. Add exchange rate in each order including Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Payment Order.
2. Add customized email format of each order.
3. Add Email function of each order.
4. Add member information.
5. Add SMTP function.

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Nuclearsoft Mobile ERP System

Simple & Easy use!     Suitable for difference mobile device!     No apps installation!    
Nuclearsoft Mobile ERP System is designed for mobile devices.
* Using responsive web to suit for different sizes of mobile devices, all functions are integrated in a single page without flip-in and flip-out pages.
* Generate orders such as quotation, sales order, delivery note, invoice, purchase order, goods received note, payment order by your own mobile phone.
* Check goods quantity in your company warehouse at any time.
* Multi-users support
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Suitable for iphone, ipad, Samsung Galaxy / Note / Edge ..

Support by:
* Advanced ERP system software
* Online Shop
* POS system

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Nuclearsoft ERP System
Provided successful solutions to variance industries:

Reasons for using Nuclearsoft Mobile ERP System

  • In the world wherever you are, by internet you can work with your colleagues together any time! (Multi-users support)

  • Provide Nuclearsoft ERP client software + Web Mobile Client for working at anytime !

  • No need to set up server, no server maintenance cost, and no need IP address!

  • No software maintenance fee!

  • ERP software functions keep on developing and improving, and update automatically!

  • Independence authority control panel in which administrator can control different authorities for different users in the ERP System!

  • Nuclearsoft leading technology for software version : Nuclearsoft TST. It is a simple and easy used development tools for users to adjust different components in the ERP System in order to adapt their company need.

  • You can select dedicated Nuclearsoft ERP system for your company as well and not using cloud.

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